Welcome to the Farm!

Thanks for joining me and Happy New Year! As we start this new year, I am going to revamp our website and start including short posts on what is going on at the farm. I will make these short and sweet and not take up much of your time. So here is my attempt at my first one (hopefully they get better from here)

What started out as a mild winter has changed to a cold and wet one. I would guess we have had well over 2 ft of snow at the farm and our ponds just froze over this weekend. We are currently in an Arctic Freeze (or polar bear fart, neither sounds nice) and have high winds and cold temperatures. All the horses and cows are getting as much hay as they can eat and our automatic waters are doing a fabulous job this year.

We are patiently waiting for our first foals to hit the ground. It seems like the first few take forever to get here and then, before you know it, your done. Anyway, stay warm and keep a watch on our website as we slowly start making changes.