Winter is Coming…

Actually winter is still here. We got another 3 inches last night with about 1/2 an inch of ice under it. We spent the evening haying cows and horses.

Here at the farm, we have animals that think they need to eat a lot of hay during this cold weather. So, we try our best to keep hay in front of them 24/7. This means long hours at the farm.

As my husband likes to put it, if you’ve never feed livestock during winter, you can’t really enjoy winter. He loves feeding his critters. It doesn’t make how cold or nasty it is, he is out her feeding and making sure everyone has plenty of hay, water, and a cozy place to sleep.

We’ve added some new tire feeders that we got from Rubber Innovations in Cameron, MO. These are the HANDIEST things! We have them scattered throughout the farm and our hay waist is way down. We have them in lots, pastures, in the middle of the breeding barn. They hold multiple big bale flakes and have a large enough opening to accommodate multiple head at one tire.

If you are in the NW Missouri area, check out Rubber Innovations, they have every tire size need. They have hay feeders, waters, huts, basically anything that can be made from tires, they can help you out.