Writers Block

I’m new to the whole blog thing, but I like the idea. I have no idea if anyone will read these, but I will in a few years. I have started this blog and deleted it about 3 times. Yes, I’m having a hard time. So, this post may just ramble. Bare with me.

Saturday, January 26th, I spend several hours at Liberty Hospital. I was not looking forward to this trip, but once you get there you are glad you went. I went to visit my 92 yr old grandpa. I visited with my mom and grandpa. We pulled up the Mare Cameras and he watched the fat girls walk around. We showed pictures and videos of the Zues and Hades. We talked about the past and talked about the future.

The sun was shining, and all thought I could think of a million things I should be doing at the farm, I was enjoying my time with my Grandpa. When I got home, I called my mom and asked her if she wanted me to wake up the goats (they were sleeping in their house when we were in the hospital). I spent 2 to 3 minutes playing the goats, while my mom streamed the video live for Grandpa.

That night, while at some friends house, I was watching the cameras and we had our first foal. We all loaded up and headed to the farm to see the first baby of the year. I was so excited that Mom would be able to show Grandpa the foal the next day. The next morning, I got the update that Grandpa died in his sleep. It was a hard morning, but I’m glad he went peacefully.

Spending that day with my Grandpa, reminded me to use the time you have wisely. Enjoy the little things and don’t take things for granted. You never know how much time you have on this earth. Say you’re sorry and forgive people. Go visit friends, drink wine, and buy the horse. You will never regret what you did, only what you didn’t do.