Breeding Season

After my last post, I realized, I never even talked about Pickles having her baby. I swear, this winter just has been all sorts of messed up. Anyway, we are finally up to 3 babies born. Grasshopper had her foal, a healthy buckskin colt, and 2/27/2019 at about 2:30 in the morning. Yes I saw it on the camera, no I didn’t go to the barn, because the roads and my car were covered in ice. I watched him stand and nurse and he had no issues, so no reason for me to go bother the new momma.

Anyway, today on my time hop, a picture popped up and Grasshopper had her 2018 foal today. And as it runs out, Ralph looks the same as Victor (her 2019 foal). Actually the only real difference between the two is the right hind sock. Both have a big star and look to be the same color. I believe Victor is a little bigger then Ralph was at a few hours old, but heck this is her second foal, he should be.

Outside of Grasshopper having her foal, Pickles had a health sorrel filly. Yes, you’re probably wondering how we have a sorrel filly, well she’s not out of Dakota. Pickles’ filly aka Bonnie is by OSU Pistol Pete. This name may look familiar because he is the sire of Robby’s good rope horse Breezes Cowboy. Pete stood down at Harrison Performance Horses. They also stand some other nice roping studs and train some outstanding roping horses. We are really excited to see what Bonnie will do when she gets bigger.

But back to the breeding side of things, we have bred back Stoli and Pickles to Dakota. Stoli has been preg checked in foal at 15 days and will be checked again at 30 days. Pickles is due to be check at 15 days this weekend and Grasshopper should be ready to breed next week. So yes, we are busy getting everyone bred back and checked back in foal. Now if the weather would cooperate so babies could go play in the pasture, that would be great!!!