International Women’s Day!

Since today is international women’s day, lets talk about our mares for a bit. March, April, and May seem to be some of our busiest months for the girls.
Currently we have three foals, one mare on straw waiting to foal, two mares off fescue, and two more coming off fescue the end of this month. We have bred back three mares, one is due to check back at 30 days this weekend, one is due to check for ovulation today, and one is due to check back at 30 days next weekend.

Yes, this time of year is busy, but I do really enjoy it. I enjoy keeping track of when the mares are due to foal, check, vaccinations, rhino shots, etc. I honestly enjoy all of that. I’m not sure what I would do with my spare time in March, if we didn’t have mares.

Well enjoy about the mares, and least talk about the weather. It does play an important role in mare repo anyway. Since February 23rd, today should be the first day we have reached 40, and that is still 10 degrees colder then our average. I did check the long ranger on Accuweather, and extending out until June, we look to get back to normal temps, but they are showing a lot of thunderstorm clouds.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with some random info. It is currently 32 in Cameron, MO, 82 in Belize, and 18 in Fargo, ND. I think I’d rather make a trip to Belize then Fargo, ND. Who’s with me?