Happy Monday

I’ve actually started two blog posts and have deleted both of them. I’m just having a hard time thinking of something that is informative, personal, and useful.

How many read product reviews? I know I do. I read the 5 stars and 1 stars. I normally don’t read anything in between. I also am one who tries to leave reviews.

Here recently, we had a 7 yr old gelding diagnosed as navicular. He has degeneration of the navicular bone in both front feet. He isn’t one I would have called 3 legged lame, but He was defiantly off. Didn’t have a big head bob, but you could just tell something was off. No I watch him every time I take him out of his stall. I know when he needs more warm up because he will short stride at the walk. He normally does this when he’s been sitting for a little long in his stall. A few extra walk laps helps him work through it and get the blood pumping.

When he was first diagnosed, we started him with corrective shoeing, Osphos, and Isoxuprine. I also started him on Equibone. The reviews with Osphos were great, so why not. It’s worth a shot. Well, that was a bad decision!!

This gelding has a tendency of being a little forward, and although I dropped his grain back to 1/2 Scoop twice a day, he turned into a fire breathing dragon! After doing a little more research and ready, I narrowed it down to the Equibone. Now understand, I had two geldings on Equibone during this time. The one is as laid back as can be, but he started being head shy and a little silly, which actually both geldings were doing. So, I stopped using it. After about a week off Equibone, he is back to riding like he normally does.

This is just a reminder, that even though you read reviews, what works for one horses may not work for the other. One of my geldings is fine on Equibone while the other turned into a Fire Breathing Dragon!