Yesterday as Robby and I drove home from the barn, we noticed the sky to the north was ominous. We hadn’t seen the sky that color in a long time. The trees looked eerie with their leafless limbs catching the suns light. It really was pretty. Those clouds were a reminder that Spring is here. We don’t normally see skies like that in the winter time.

With spring comes shedding season. I was reminded that on Sunday morning when I was cleaning stalls. We have one broodmare who is under lights right now. Her stall and lot has patches of white hair on the ground from her laying down and rolling. She needs a curry comb and a few minutes of brushing to help release all here hair.

Also, there is mud. Yes, we still have mud. Not as much as what we did have, but its still pretty damp. We’ve got sand in our runs and they stayed pretty good through our unseasonably wet winter, but the bottom portion of our Breeding Barn hasn’t fared as well. One more then one occasion, there was standing water. The water has receded and the mud was left. Luckily, Mabel, who is our Suffolk Punch mare, is currently working on packing the mud back down. It really is amazing how much better her feet are in mud then our smaller quarter mares.

Anyway, that is a quick update from the farm. Nothing to exciting is going on. Mares are slowly foaling and getting bred back. The show season is getting ready to go in full swing. and we are just gearing up to handle the craziness.