Double Luck O Lena

How could I talk about horses on the farm, without introducing you to our “main man.” Well, here he is! Double Luck O Lena aka Dakota is a 2004 Perlino Stallion. We purchased him in 2004 as a weanling. I still remember the trip to go get him, well part of it. We were headed to Sherburn, MN for an NCHA Cutting. We headed north on I-35 and stopped in Alburt Lee, MN before we turned back West. While parked in the parking lot, it was snowing so hard, we almost couldn’t get out of the parking lot. When we turned onto I-90 it was a white out. I remember looking out the passenger window and making sure we were still within the yellow lines. It honestly was the worst driving weather I have ever been part of.

After we got to Sherburn, MN, it was so cold, we left the truck running 24/7. We were afraid it wouldn’t start without being plugged in. We got in Friday night. Sunday morning Mark headed north to Fargo, ND to pick up Dakota, his full sister Fargo, and half sister Bismark. After pick them up, he turned around and headed back south.

Although we sold his two sisters, one went to London, we still have Dakota. He has exceed our expectations. Dakota is 5 Panel N/N and is also Color Tested E/E, A/A. What does that mean, it means he can only produce buckskins unless the mare has a dilute, roan, dun, grey, etc. gene.

Dakota is an AQHA Producer and Arena Money Earner Producer. We love his foals looks, minds, and athletic ability. If you didn’t know, we do stand him to a few outside mares. If you are interested in possible breeding to him or buying one of his foals, you won’t be disappointed.