Noda Hillbilly Way

Noda Hillbilly Way aka Skippy is a LARGE Sooty/Smutty Palomino Gelding. He was born and raised on the farm. He was from the last foal crop of Hillbilly Reward. In Skippy’s younger years, he was used as a head horse and ranch horse. He has spent several month on a feed lot in Nebraska.

Skippy has since been retired and is used minimally for trail rides. He is a trusty trail horse and will go through anything you point him. He is good at leading or following, but just know, if you ask, he’s going. We’ve had him in water almost over his back and it didn’t faze him.

He is a true gentle giant and doesn’t know his size. He may be a little old and sore, but he still tries at everything he does. Skippy will be another horse that is buried on the farm.