Tarrus Bar Tracker

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If you have been to the farm, chances are you have met Tarrus Bar Tracker aka Bo. The story of Bo begins about the time that Robby and I first started dating. Robby decided that he might want to purchase a horse, and after looking online at for sale ads, nothing was really fitting what he needed.

It was a cold, snow, first Saturday in February. I didn’t expect to find much over at the Lolli Bros sale, but we ended up coming home with 2 horses, well a horse and a pony. When I first saw Bo, I thought he was a wormy 2 year old, but he was actually 5 with a month (probably closer to 2 weeks) of riding.

They have that saying, Green on Green equals Black and Blue, well it was true. Robby and Bo went round and round. They had their ups and downs, but in the end, he has ended up being the best horse. He is a Jack of all Trades and master of none. He can trail ride, rope both ends, run barrels and poles, and probably anything else. Heck, I’ve jumped him before. He is a horse that I can trust putting my nieces on and my mother. He has his quirks, but he is a gentle soul with lots of energy!

True story: Monday, I had the 4 boys turned out in dry lots so they could enjoy some sun before the rain. I caught Rusty, rode him, and as I’m finishing up it starts to sprinkle. I leave him saddled to star pulling horses inside. I grab Snip from the farthest lot and Bo and Luke are running like idiots, bucking, farting, kicking, etc. After I close Snip’s gate, I turn and see Bo, flat on his back up against the fence. There was no way he could get rolled over, his head was down hill and he was shallow path from horses walking to and from the water. He was stuck and if he panicked, he would really hurt himself. I rushed over, hollering at Bo that I was coming. At first I thought he was dead because he wasn’t moving, but then he twisted his head as if he were looking for me. I grabbed his halter and lead rope and looped it over his front legs and rolled him over on his side. He stood right up and did a little shake. I really wish I wouldn’t have had my camera. It really amazed me that he didn’t struggle or even move until I rolled him, he just laid there waiting patiently.

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