Where’s Waldo?!?!

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So for the last few months I have been MIA. I had a masterful plan to introduce every horse on the farm and then life happened. Well boys and girls, I am BACK!!

I think I have started this second paragraph and deleted it 5 times now. I guess you could say, I have writers block. Quite honestly, writing a blog hasn’t been on the top of my priority list. I have been struggling with finding my motivation in more areas than just this.

With winter moving in fast, I’m not where I want to be. I need to find a burst of motivation to jump start myself into this cold, dark season! What are some things you do? I’m honestly considering going home and building a blanket fort, grab some crayons, and coloring. Wouldn’t that be nice?!?! But as an adult, I have critters that think they need fed daily.

Well, I guess I will end it here. I know this was such an inspiring post. I promise my next one will be better. I’ll actually start talking about the whole reason you are here. The horses! So check back next week and I’ll actually do a new post highlighting some more of the critters on the farm.

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